Floridian Homeowners Association

Our Mission Statement

To promote a “Sense of Community, where we know our Neighbors, care for and help our Neighbors.” This mission statement was born out of common thoughts that we all share, “we live, play and work here with our families, and where we live should be the most secure place, a refuge and place we are proud to call home.”


Protect the rights, privileges and interests of home owners in our subdivision.

  • All resident homeowners have a voice
  • Encourage one another to maintain and improve our properties within the Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Easements document
  • Promote safety and security
  • Foster a sense of unity in the neighborhood

Goals of the Floridian Homeowners Association

  • Preserve the beauty and aesthetics of our community
  • Protect our property values in our subdivision
  • Maintain our common areas
  • To be inclusive of all who live here
  • Promote a sense of “Community”
  • Provide a place where all are proud to call home